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This phrase, seven little words, encompasses everything that we strive for, in
every repair that we do.

You look at your timepiece dozens of times during your busy day, often only to
check the time - will I be late for my next meeting, or, do I have time to finish
running these errands?  However, there are times that you take more than a
passing glance across the dial.  You might study the graceful sweep of the
second hands as it hurries around in its never ending race.  Or, look longingly
at the inscription on its caseback, given to
you in honor long ago.  Every watch
is, in itself, its very own time machine, quietly, discreetly marking the
moments that shape, or shake, your life.

At Kokomo Watch Company, we take very seriously the responsibility of
caring for your timepiece.  We use the most up-to-date techniques, while not
losing sight of the old world craftsmanship that has brought us so far.
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