From the Bench...
Here's just a few cool pieces that
have been on the bench.  I hope you
enjoy them.
Below is an early Rolex Daytona,
based on the Valjoux 72.
Below: A before
picture of a 'Paul
Newman' Daytona
This Rolex is an
uncommon piece
from the early '70s.
This is my personal
favorite, a Red Sub.  
You won't see many
of these!
Dialing up...
After... Although it lacks the
original bracelet, it's still a classic
piece. Now, if I just had the
$30,000 to buy it...
Note: This very watch just
sold at Antiquorum
for $42,000
Here's a cool
piece that I just
finished.  You
don't find
many vintage
pieces that are
(thanks again
...all of this
ends up like this!
Here's an Omega (late 40's) triple
date-moonphase.  This is a really
cool watch, very uncommon.
Here's a rare find.  A 5513 Rolex Sub
from 1967, with the original
warranty and the paperwork that
goes with it.