Links page
I get a lot of inspiration
from these pages...
Timezone:  Independent Horology Forum
Equation Of Time forums
PuristsPro    (Extensive, luxury watch forum)
Tempered - Artisan Watchmakers  (Very good, links to other
incredible Independent watchmakers)
Links to other watchmakers:
Roger W. Smith LTD. (Roger is an incredibly
talented English watchmaker.)
Roland Murphy is a watchmaker in Pennsylvania
that is making watches again in the United States.
Greubel - Forsey  (Robert Greubel and Stephen
Forsey are two fantastic watchmakers that have
really refined the art of tourbillons)
Lang & Hyne  (A group of very talented
watchmakers based in Dresden, Germany)
F.P. Journe.  (Francois-Paul has set the bar high in
the world of watchmaking, he is a watchmaker in the
truest sense of the word)
Peter Speake-Marin.  Peter is another accomplished
English watchmaker that produces incredible pieces)
Vianney Halter.  (Vianney is one of the most unique
watchmakers you will find, some call his stylings
The exact time:
John & Stephen McGonigle are brothers from Ireland
and have made a really cool tourbillon.
Educational & Professional
American Watchmakers & Clockmakers Institute
National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors
Magazines & Other Publications:
WatchTime, The magazine of fine watches