How long will it take to fix my watch?

A lot depends on the work that needs to be done and the
workload that we have.  We are a busy facility, but we
take pride, personally, in every repair.  
Nothing is rushed!  
To replace the crystal or winding crown maybe ten days to
two weeks, while a complete overhaul may run four to six
weeks, and a total restoration might be three or more
months.  Some of the variables to consider, very old or
very new watches may be harder to get parts for.  The
parts for the antique watches may have been long
discontinued and the parts for the very new watches
might not be available yet.  Others may promise a speedy
turn around, but do you really want someone
rushing as
fast as they can to finish your job, only to
rush to the next
job?  Watchmaking is an art unto itself, not meant to be
rushed or hurried.  
Each job takes as long as it takes!