What does it mean when you say 'Overhaul'?

When you hear the word 'overhaul' from the watchmaker it
means that your watch will be
completely dis-assembled,
inspected, cleaned (in some cases twice), inspected, assembled,
lubricated, inspected, and regulated (timing checked).  Yes, I
know 'inspected' is listed three times - it's that important!  It
really is quite a broad term, when we service a watch here it is
called a
C.O.A. or Clean, Overhaul & Adjust.  Some places might
call it Clean, Oil & Adjust or clean & oil, or just about anything
that infers what they will be doing to you watch.  Places that
often promise quick turn-around times often only partially
dis-assemble the movement in order to speed them through the
shop, cleaning them in an all-in-one cleaning solution that
tends to gum up after a year or so.  Every watch that we
overhaul is
completely taken apart, no exceptions, ever.  We will
not "Clean it just enough to get it running", just clean & oil the
balance wheel, or do a partial cleaning of any sort!  
It is
completely serviced or not at all!
 The only reason I want you
watch back in our shop is for the nest Overhaul a few years
down the road.