Sending us your watch
When sending us your watch please include the following information:
  •    Your name
  •    Return address
  •    Contact information (Phone number(s), email, etc)
  •    What problems are you having with your watch, please be as
          specific as you can.
  •     Insurance amount
  •     Include payment information.
  •     How you would like your watch returned (Fed-Ex, UPS, etc)
Above all, please print your information clearly and neatly!  This
will save us both any confusion later.
When mailing, please send your watch addressed like this:
                   K. W. Company c/o Palmer's      
                   101 E. Sycamore Street
                   Kokomo, IN 46901
The best way to ship your timepiece is to first, wrap it with bubble wrap,
then put it into a sturdy box or other shipping container.  Make sure
that the watch does not rattle or move in the box.  
Please DO NOT mail
your watch with the original box that it may have come in!  They take up
too much space in the shop and it will cost more to ship your watch back
to you.