Repair Services
What we do and how we do it
We offer a complete range of services from a complete restoration on
the earliest pocket watch to a battery change and pressure test on the
most modern chronograph and diver's watches.

When we receive your watch it is first inspected and the overall
condition is noted on your individual ticket.  The watch is then
given to an estimator who partially disassembles your watch to give
us a better idea to what may exactly be wrong.

If your watch is getting a complete service, every part of the
movement is taken apart and checked for excessive wear, and
tolerances are restored to factory specifications.  There are over two
hundred different inspections that must be performed on any
automatic winding watch.  Once every piece has been ultrasonically
cleaned, it is carefully assembled and every friction point is
lubricated by hand with just the right kind and amount of highly
refined oil or grease.  After assembly it is inspected again, the
preliminary timing is checked, the movement is put into it's case,
and then it is given its final regulation and the case is sealed against
moisture and pressure.  Your watch is then put on a winder that
simulates day to day movement.  After six days and nights the
accuracy is again checked, and if needed , adjustments are made.  
Even if your watch is here for something as simple as a new
winding crown or crystal, we take the same degree of craftsmanship
to make sure that your items not only look like new, but perform
like new.

Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the
service that we perform.  If you are
just satisfied, then we have not
done our job.  We want to build  long term relationships with our
clients, it is not our goal to repair one of your watches, it is our goal
to service
all of your watches.

Our standard warranty on complete overhauls is one year.  Our
warranty on high-grade Swiss watches (Rolex, Breitling, Omega,
etc) is two years.  
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