A look around the shop
Here is some of our pressure testing
equipment;  a Witschi ALC2000 10 bar
pressure & -1.0 bar vacuum (dry
tester), & Rolex 125 bar (4,100 feet)
tester, Rolex Proofchecker, and Rolex
1050 vacuum tester.
Shown on the cabinet are; Case & Crystal press
from Tag-Heuer, a Bergeon 5700 case opener, and
a Cyclotest machine for testing the automatic
winding mechanisms.
The newest, state-of-the-art Witschi Chronoscope X1
timing machine, with our Witschi quartz timer.
This is where Laurence, our Bulova
Accutron specialist works.
Carrissa's bench (far right), Adam's
bench, left
Adam's bench