Well, what started as a 'wild' idea years ago has finally started to take shape.  
Through the many doubts, trials, mistakes, reworks, and roadblocks the idea is
made real.  My first watch produced as the Kokomo Watch Company is
complete.  I say almost because putting a complete watch together is not as easy as
buying the case, dial, hands, movement, slapping everything together and 'ta da'
you have a watch ready to sell as your own.  My ultimate goal is not just to offer
an 'assembled' pre-made watch, no, it is to have a movement that I have
completely made 'in house'.  
...however, to go from nothing but ideas to a complete watch is a long journey...  

The following pages contain pictures of 'the' watch I have been working on (and
off) for the past three years.   I have found out a few things one must thoroughly
plan out to produce: #1 Quality, that I would want to wear myself, #2 Durability,
if it's not going to stand up to daily wear and tear, it's not worth it, #3 Reliability,
it must perform exceptionally well - constantly.   
Here is just a few shots of the prototype that I have working right now.  The
completed production piece will look 98% the way it looks right now.  What still
needs to be completed are the water-proofing of the crown/tube assembly and the
finishing of the movement.
Here is the first version
hands on the white dial.  
I think the red second
hand really sets it off. I
plan on putting this
version on a brown strap.
Here is the black
dial with the
first version

Production limited to 20 pieces

Dimensions:         60 mm x 13 mm
Dial diameter:       46 mm
Base Caliber:        Vintage Unitas
6498                                 (modified)
Power reserve:      approx  53 hours
Hacking mechanism
Balance amplitude indicator
Power reserve indicator
Free-sprung balance wheel
Display back
Anti-reflective mineral crystal,
Interested parties may contact us
for price and availability.
For all your days be prepared
and greet them ever  alike,
When you are the anvil, bear,
When you are the hammer, strike...
            Edwin Markham
Here are a couple of shots of the
prototype bridge details
Not to bad (as prototypes
go).  Getting it up and
running was a true
learning experience!  
About the only thing
that will be different on
the production pieces are
the redesigned Pallet
Bridge, the Balance will
be free-sprung split
bi-metallic with a blued
steel hairspring.
Click below to see pictures of
the Railroad Standard version
This is the first version
Here's the watch pretty
much as it will look as the
finished product